Sunday, March 18, 2012

Catch Up

Look at these cutie cousins! We visited Cambry over spring break. I will have more pictures of these cutie pies in my next post.

We had a busy past month! We sold our house and had to be out in 14 days! It was a busy time, but so thankful that we had plenty of family and friends to help us! We are just renting right now and hope to build at some point.

Here are a few things Miss Priss has been up to:

After recovering fairly quickly from a fit & time out & apologies... Hollyn walks by me and says, "I am still mad at you." I say, "Well you can be mad but you can't throw things at me and scream at me." She let me know that she is very mad. I tell her to think about all the wonderful things I do for her and to pray that she can forgive me. She doesn't seem to care. At. All. I asked, "What if you were like the children in Somalia and didn't have a mom?" She says, "I would be glad." So I then went about my business and completely ignored her for 20 minutes to see if it phased her. Nope. So I told her I was going to watch other girls at gymnastics and then I left. I only drove out of the garage and sat in the driveway- but she didn't know that. I waited for about 4 minutes and then opened the garage door and went to open the house door. LOCKED. The little toot had locked me out!!!!!!!!!!!! She finally opened it. We peacefully rode to gymnastics together. I asked her why she locked the door. She said, "I thought you went to gymnastics. " Hollyn -1 Mom-0

Hollyn: So how does the baby get out of a mommy's stomach?
Me: (She has asked me this SEVERAL times over the past year) The Doctor helps get the baby out.
Hollyn: (Getting mad) But HOW?
Me: Well, sometimes he cuts the mommy's stomach. It's called a C-section.
Hollyn: But how else!!??? (Now she is yelling at me)
Me: Well, how do YOU think a baby gets out?
Hollyn: They take a shovel and DIG it out!!!

Hollyn: Mom, how does a baby get into a mommy's belly?
Me: (Sticking with this answer for a year now) Well, God creates life and puts the tiny baby into a mom's stomach.
Hollyn: You mean you just pray?
Me: Well, when a mommy and daddy are married and love each other, sometimes the Lord chooses to give them a baby.
Hollyn: Um, I do NOT want to do that when I grow up!

These are some things she said to me in one day:

"I'm just not getting any love. No one gave me love today."

"UNBELIEVABLE! This is unbelievable, most mothers hold their children! And all you do is get ready and clean the house!!!!"

"I do not love you." (repeated about 5 times)
"SHUP!" (as close to shut up as she can get without actually saying it)
"You cranky pants! I just want to throw you in a lions' den!!!!"

Oh the agony of a stuffy nose...Hollyn ended her day screaming and crying, "My nose is so stopped up! This day is ruined! I AM RUINED! It's so difficult! I have no choice! I have no plan! If I can't breathe now, then I can't breath EVER!!!!!!!!!!'"

She sure is feisty, but oh so cute! Thanks to my sister in law, Jana, for taking these pictures!

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