Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A New Year...

Hollyn, Nana and I went to stay a few days with Cousin Cambry. We tried to be a help to Jana, but I am not so sure we were successful. Overall, Hollyn did great traveling and being sweet to the baby. When we got home she exclaimed, "Finally some peace and quiet!" Oh the irony.
Between these two faces, we didn't get any great cousin pictures!
Nana is so blessed to have another baby granddaughter!!
I never have time to blog anymore. I am turning all my posts into books. I am about 3 years behind! There is no down time around here. Even with melatonin, Hollyn easily can stay up till midnight. There is a lot of this going on....

Hollyn decided to grab the shaving cream and turn her activity table into an ice skating rink. I can't put the rest of the pictures on here, becuase it quickly turned into NAKED ice skating.
We decided to take another Houston trip to stay with The Hills, Debi & Craig and see the Monzingos.
Ellie, Hazel and Hollyn. They are all within about two months of each other in age. They all have their super-serious-movie-watching faces on.
We got to meet the newest Monzingo, baby Van.
These little curly heads played beautifully together the entire weekend!

And to kick the new year off we have put our house on the market, gotten a behavior therapist, and I have a personal trainer! Fun times!

Hollyn is just full of energy and lots of chatter. Today in a 5 minute car ride she said all of the following words: (in no particular order)
olden days

It's NEVER a dull moment around here! And though I am tired, I am SO blessed!


Trae Kendrick said...

Jill, I hope you read Lysa TerKeurst's latest blog post titled, "I Don't Want to Raise a Good Child." If you haven't, you need to. You can find it at PS - Your precious mom is beautiful! I miss her!

Heather said...

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