Monday, April 30, 2012

4 Years Old!

Hollyn turned four on April 13th! It is so strange how the time has gone by so quickly but yet so slowly. I love the quote about raising young kids, "The years are quick but the days are long." We were all geared up for her big 4 yr. appointment. This is the one where they get 4 big shots and they are very much aware of what is happening. Appointments are always hard with Hollyn and most of my friends had a horrible experience at the 4 year. We prayed together and I just talked to her about it a lot ahead of time. This girl did AMAZING! I held her down and she yelled a little bit but she truly did not shed one single tear that day! She got to see how God answered her prayer by making her full of courage. At her appointment she was 37 1/2 inches tall and weighed 32 1/2 lbs. She is staying in the 25th percentile. Dr. Kemper saw a HUGE difference in how calm Hollyn was at this appointment versus last year's appointment.She was also very pleased that we are on about 2 mg of melatonin a night and reassured me that was extremely safe.  I felt great about the whole appointment. 

This year we decided to have a small family birthday party. I have to say it was the easiest party we have ever had! Hollyn had a BLAST and was so comfortable with just her family and one friend at the party. 
 Sweet Cousins: Hollyn Claire & Cambry Paige: 4 months and 4 years

 For some reason, I took ZERO pictures of grandparents or Greg & Jana. 
 We invited Lorelei & Everett but Everett couldn't come so these look- alikes partied hard!

 Hollyn only asked for one thing at her party and that was a Pinata! 

 Hollyn got her first scooter for her birthday. Of course we had to get the knee pads, gloves and all to go with it. She looked like she was ready for the Roller Derby with all her gear on!

 The highlight of the party was an unexpected Magic Show. Uncle Greg & Uncle Jameson went all out with magic tricks, music in the background and flashing lights! Greg looked liked a character from the Village People. It was hysterical! The girls were so giggly. They thought it was a great show!

Hollyn, you are such a beautiful little 4 year old! You make me laugh so hard EVERY SINGLE DAY! There has never been a dull moment at our house since you entered this world. God has blessed us abundantly by choosing us to be your parents. We love you!


Strange family said...

She is precious! And that picture of Greg is HI-larious!

Jennifer said...

Jill, she is so beautiful! I love how you capture her personality through the pictures. Looks like she had a great birthday party. Fun uncles rock!

Lacy said...

Such sweet pictures! Looks like she had a very happy birthday!