Monday, June 11, 2012


 My goal this summer is to be a better blogger! In May we had Hollyn's gymnastics show off day. This picture is not clear at all, but I needed to document it. I was SO proud that she went up on the blocks in front of EVERYONE and their parents and did her pose. She matured so much this year! Below is a picture of Hollyn and our friend, Emma. I think Hollyn looks so grown up in this picture. It reminds me of two teenage girls posing for a picture!
Our first year of preschool came to an end this year. Hollyn had the most perfect teachers for her, Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Howard. I remember being so anxious back in August when school started. I thought I would get a phone call several times this year saying that Hollyn would not stop crying and needed to come home. Scott and I just said we would try to make it to December and then we would quit if it was too bad.  All summer long I prayed that she would understand authority and obey it. I think that is important in life and it teaches her to submit to a Sovereign, Ruling God. The Lord answered my prayers perfectly for Hollyn through preschool. She did amazing!! It was such a tool in getting her away from me, but still being around nurturing loving adults who had her best interest in mind. She made friends and did not get in trouble the entire year. She truly was the model student. I have been so proud of her this year and grateful that she did so well. She even got up in front of hundreds of people to sing in the Christmas program. She was too anxious to do the fall program, but after a few more months, she was able to conquer her fears. Her teachers were SO great with her and encouraged her the whole time. 

 This was her on the first day of preschool. We are going to add one more day a week next year. I have already started praying for her teacher and her. Even though she enjoyed preschool, she is LOVING summer break and staying with me everyday. And that is 100% ok with me!

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