Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Happenings

June has already escaped us! We started the summer with swimming lessons! Hollyn was not interested in putting her face in the water when we started, but by the end of the week she was swimming beautifully across the pool! We have been doing lots of swimming since then, but she will not put her face in the water anymore. So she swims, but it is super hard work and her head is above the water at all times. Oh well. 

 Sara and Hollyn ready for swimming

I love this picture of Ava and Hollyn! Ava's mom and I were best friends in high school and they have recently moved back in town. Our little curly head cuties play so well together! They showed up at the spray park wearing the same bathing suit! Too cute!
We went through a HORRIBLE sleeping spell this month. I don't know why it was way worse than it had been, but I about went crazy! Our summer goal is to get her in her own bed, that's another blog post to be written soon! So since she hasn't been sleeping, it's nothing weird for us to be out and about late. These pictures were taken one night late at Target. She discovered the accessories and DID NOT want to leave. She admired herself for 30 minutes!

Photo: It's 9:00 pm and my daughter is going nuts over all the accessories in Target!!Photo

Some quotes from Hollyn this month:
 "It's odd that I'm funny at one point and then I'm not at another point. And it makes it hard to decide of I'm good or bad!"

"Can I tell you something? When you play with the same toys over and over you get very bored. That's why you are supposed to get me all new toys! The Bible says that you know."

Me: "Hollyn, do you understand that I am EXHAUSTED. I truly don't know what I am going to do with you."
Hollyn: "Just sell me in a garage sale. 50 dollars."

The same child that told me yesterday, "I want to throw you in a dumpster!" picked out Jiffy Pop for her dad's special birthday gift and had me write this in his card: "Today is your birthday with joy and love! We love you to Mars and back!"

Hollyn was sent to her room after disobeying today. Later tonight she came to me and sweetly said, "When I was in my room today I said a prayer." I was thrilled, thinking she had a repentant heart. She then said, "I prayed for Dad that he would be good and stop going argh argh aargh!"

We were talking to a new 5 year old friend and I asked her if she was in preschool. She replied, "No, I will just go to Kindergarten after summer." Hollyn looked at her and said, "Ummm WHAT kind of plans are those?"

I asked Hollyn to go lay down with me yesterday afternoon and she replies, "Sleep is for the weak!"

"Knock! Knock! You better watch out! Sin is knocking on your door! Naughty is knocking at your door! Jesus gets what he gets and he doesn't throw a fit. No! Jesus never throws a fit!"


Jana said...

I love all the Hollyn quotes! My mom bought that same 2 piece blue/green swimsuit for Cambry but had to take it back because it was way too big. Too bad, they could have been twins!

Rachel and Matt said...

That little girls is so fun of spunk! I love it, but I am sure it can be a handful for you.