Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Chapel

Every year the preschool children perform in Christmas Chapel at Hollyn's school. Last year we did not even go because she would cry on the days they went to the sanctuary just to practice. This year, every time I mentioned it she would just say, "Pass! Not going!" She told me she had "major stage fright" and was not going to do it. She was expressing her fears so clearly this year. She did not want "hundreds of people looking at her" and she was afraid that she would fall and be laughed at. Poor thing! I just kept talking about it as if we would go and participate, knowing that if she was upset today then I would not force her to do it. We prayed about her fears on the way to school this morning and I gave her some funny things to think about while she was on stage. She doesn't ever like to pray out loud but today at the end of my prayer she added, "Thank You for saving us when you came as a baby." It was just such a sweet moment on the way to school as she was preparing to sing Christmas songs to Jesus.

 I had to document that she actually went up on stage and stayed the whole time! She did twirl her hair and put it in her mouth a little, a nervous habit. She even sang to most of the songs. I was so proud that she faced a big fear and got to see that God helped her be brave today. 
 Nana and Aunt Michelle came to watch her perform. 
 Cici joined in on the celebration also. 
I took a picture of Hollyn's sweet class. She is in a class of only 8 kids and they are the most precious little kids. We love Mrs. Brown, Hollyn's Pre-K teacher. I prayed over the summer that she would have friends and the teacher that was best for her and the Lord faithfully answered that prayer for Hollyn. Today was just such a sweet morning, with no tears and no fits over clothing. I am not really a sentimental person, but this is her last Christmas before Kindergarten and I guess preggo hormones are getting to me. I was very proud of my little Christmas Cutie today!

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