Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First Family Road Trip!

We loaded up on Saturday and decided to take our first day trip with TWO children. If you have followed this blog since Hollyn was born you know that road trips with her are NOT MY THING. The Priss has screamed her head off in the car literally from the moment she came home from the hospital. I truly did not travel anywhere (not even to Target) alone with her until she was 6 months old. We have countless traveling stories that have not been pleasant at all. She is SO much better now so we decided to try it with both kids. We headed  to Dobbin, Texas. My aunt has a house on a pond there. It is a convenient meeting spot for us to see Greg, Jana and Cambry and not have to go the extra hour to Houston. My parents and Jameson and Michelle were all meeting us there also. Look at these two pumpkins. They did AWESOME!!! We only had to stop once to nurse Anderson and once for a potty break during the 2 1/2 hour trip. We had very minimal fussing the whole ride. 
 It was a beautiful day! Hollyn decided she was going to fish. And she did. The ENTIRE day. She absolutely loved it. It did help that the fish were biting and she was the only kid who was old enough to fish so she had lots of attention and help. Here she is sporting her very own pink and purple rod. 

I love this picture of her fishing by her daddy. She looks so old here. Breaks my heart. 

Uncle Greg got the first bite of the day. He SO kindly let Hollyn reel in her very first fish! He might have been just as excited to catch one as she was.

She loved it! We did convince her to touch it and she thought it was slimy. She was so happy to catch one though. 

 Then the Priss actually caught a fish by herself on her little rod! That thrilled her soul! 
And by the end of the day, she was a true fisherman. Each time she told the size of the last fish she caught, it got bigger and bigger and bigger! 
We got in the car to head home around 8:00 pm and lo and behold, a little miracle occurred.  My two kids slept THE ENTIRE 2 1/2 HOURS HOME! It was truly a wonderful day filled with sweet memories. 

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Jennifer said...

Great pictures! Looks like it was a fun time! And Hooray on a good travel there and back. What a blessing for your sanity. She does look big. I have been thinking the same about Josiah lately. Ah, I don't like this growing up stuff.