Sunday, March 3, 2013

Two Months

Anderson is now two months old! He weighs 13 lbs 4 oz!  Chubba Bubba!! He first measured 21 inches long but the doctor thought that was too short so we went and re-measured. She stretched him to 22 inches. He is sleeping through the night! What??? Yes, He is a night sleeper!!! Praise the Lord!! He doesn't take great naps during the day and really only sleeps well if you hold him for naps. He does fight going to sleep. He arches his back and high pitch screams! I have to swaddle him up and run the bathroom fan to get him to sleep most nights. He does NOT care for riding in the car seat unless I sit next to him and hold his pacifier or he is asleep. He is cooing and smiling like crazy! He is not a fan of tummy time and does not even show signs of rolling over. Hollyn was so little and feisty that she started flipping herself over at 7 weeks old. He loves bath time and being laid on his changing table. He HATES having a wet or dirty diaper and lets you know it. Overall he is a good baby. He can get very worked up but usually I can figure out what is wrong with him. He's a blessing to our family! My little Chunky Monkey!

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