Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Month One Continued

Here are a few more happenings in our household during the first 5 weeks of Little Brother's life. (A side note...I RARELY call him Anderson. I have no idea why, I just don't. I call him Little Buddy, Little Brother, Brother, Brothie, Love Buggy or other things. I just don't call him by his name. Strange.) Hollyn had a school performance called Taste of the Wild. She did great! She got up on stage and sang with her whole class. This is Hollyn and one of her best little friends at school, Hailey. This picture is precious! I think it also foreshadows many pictures to come in Jr. High and High School. 

 Little Brother REALLY began to get the CHUBS in about the 4th week of his life! Loving bath time!

One day Hollyn wanted to go and check in on brother while he was sleeping. I looked into the monitor (which I LOVE!!!! Summer Infant Touch Monitor. I highly recommend this one!) I and saw this face...

 And this is a picture of one of his first real smiles! He started smiling literally on the day he turned 4 weeks old. And I do think that he looks a lot like his daddy!!!

 I really don't have a caption for this picture. Can you imagine if we all wore sweater onesies?

Big Sister really loves to hold her little brother. This was about 2 weeks old. I love the second picture. She wasn't thrilled when he would cry. In the next picture she does her impression of him crying. It's all so ironic because she  talks about how much he cries and how it stresses her out. He does cry a lot at times, but homegirl has NO CLUE how much crying she did!

Hollyn was very interested in her baby dolls during the first few weeks. I think this picture is hysterical. It totally sums up Scott during the first few weeks of our newborn's lives. I have one exactly like it from when Hollyn was just born. It totally screams, "SURVIVAL MODE!"
 And poor sweet baby! I guess he truly is the second child because I have ZERO pictures of him with any other family members or friends!! I am glad I got this sweet one of him and Mimi!

I am starting to like little boys' clothing. I think every time I put him in a button up shirt he looks just like an old man!

And photo bombed by the sister...
 At about 2 weeks old I thought Anderson did resemble me quite a bit. This isn't a great picture of me, but it does look like him before he started putting on the pounds!
I didn't start my blog with Hollyn until she was 4 months old so I wanted to document a few things:

When we took Hollyn home from the hospital she weighed 6 lbs even. Anderson weighed 6 lbs 15oz. At her two week appt. she was up to 7 lbs even. He was 7 lbs 15oz. I thought it was interesting that they both had gained the exact same amount in two weeks. Hollyn actually slept in the night during her first two weeks of life. I had no clue what I was doing, so I woke her up every three hours the first two weeks. (And NO- that is not why she has slept horrible he whole life. She had bad jaundice and it makes them super sleepy. And she was tiny) Anderson did not sleep well at all the first two weeks during the night. I held him a lot in the bed so we both could sleep. There was on night during the first month that was a complete CIRCUS!!! It was a full moon and literally this household was ALL asleep for about an hour the entire night. There were several nights that she was up with me while I fed him or she was crying because she was scared and he was waking her up etc. It has settled down since and I am hoping it will only get easier!


Christi Ellis said...

Oh my goodness his belly! So cute!
He does look a lot like you in your baby picture.

Strange family said...

i LOVE the bath picture!