Thursday, February 14, 2013

Month One

The first month was a little harder than I expected. Anderson has some reflux issues that wake him up frequently. The first week and a half I had to hold him upright in the bed all hours of the night. I was getting very exhausted and thinking it would never end. At two weeks we put him on Zantac and it hasn't made the reflux disappear, but he started sleeping a lot better! I still held him in bed for a few hours every night during the first month. Some days I felt like I had everything pretty much under control. I even mopped and cleaned and had the laundry sort of caught up. I was VERY blessed by all the friends that brought meals and my mom that cleaned. Things would have been much harder if I had not had all the help during that first month!
Hollyn was EXTREMELY blessed that month also. She had the attention of grandparents and so many people sent her gifts and goodies to make the transition easier. I was thanking one friend for thinking of Hollyn and she summed it up by saying, "Hollyn just seems like the type that might need a little extra something right now." Haha! Very nicely stated. There were also very many days when this house felt like it was in complete chaos. A lot of tears were shed and a lot of extreme fits were thrown. I knew the transition would be difficult for her and I thought I was prepared for it. I also thought with our sleeping situations I would be well- trained for sleep deprivation. It was still very difficult at times. We have been SO SO SO blessed this past month.  I do feel that after having my second newborn, I can say that our family is complete. :) These are all pictures from Anderson's first four weeks of living in this world...

Look at this sweet little peanut!

"I am so gifted. I can already hold my pacifier with one finger."

"I am not thrilled about wearing an American Girl Doll hat on my head. Thank you very much."

I LOVE this tie onesie that my friend Leslie made! He looks so little old man here. 

Someone does truly love her little brother. 

After about two weeks, little buddy stopped crying when we bathed him. I think he really likes bath time now. 

My sister in law, Jana, gave him this sweet hat. It fits him perfectly because Hollyn named him "Cubby," like a little bear cub. 
It already feels like I have had two children for a long time. Yet, the first month has already come and gone. 
Dear Time, 
PUH-LEASE slow down. 
A very hormonal mother who just realized that she will never have a newborn again. 

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