Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It's already the middle of March! I realized that we had not taken one single picture as a family of four!  This was taken at the very beginning of March. I think that's about as good as we are going to get for awhile. We haven't done too much this month. Hollyn had to get two crowns and a filling this month. Not a fun time for us! She had lots of anxiety the night before, especially about not eating and drinking. However, the day of the procedure she did AWESOME! It was an answered prayer. I love when she can see that God answers our prayers for her. These are a few of the things we have been up to...
Anderson takes a bath with Hollyn every night and he loves it. I think it has made her baths go a lot more smoothly as well. I think Little Buddy is thinking, "Look at the things these people put me through!"

Photo bombed by Hollyn's thumb

Over Spring Break we decided to take the kids and our Little Brother from Big Brothers Big Sisters to the zoo. Somehow it did not connect in my brain that it was SPRING BREAK. I think everyone from Waco and its surrounding communities were there. Everyone said it would be different with the second child, and a lot of things have been. I would have NEVER taken Hollyn on a long outing at 11 weeks old. Anderson was sporting a new sun hat and a Polo onesie for his big outing. Too cute!

 Miss Blue eyes (even thought they are starting to turn green) as a butterfly

Anderson did very well overall. He rode in his carseat/stroller for awhile and then we fed him. He got pretty worked up for a few minutes but settled back down. I wore him the rest of the time in the Moby. He even fell asleep! Ironically, Hollyn got a bit whiny and climbed up in the infant carrier on top of the stroller and we had to push her because she was tired of walking.

 I can never get a great smile from Amarion, but he did have a good time that day.

We did have have a good time overall. However, I am 100 % fine not returning to a zoo for a LONG time! It was crowded and hot and these two were DONE by the time we left. 

And although I am NOT an animal lover, we decided to go to a drive through safari place just two days after the zoo! (SO unusual for us!) BOTH of my kids slept an amazing ELEVEN hours the night before, so I was up  for the day trip. We did have a really good time. We got so tickled when the Ostriches came attacking our car. We saw a HUGE camel, goats, long horns, and various other animals. They come right up to our window so we could feed them.  Hollyn has loved zebras for awhile now. She has also had various meltdowns because she has never see a zebra before. Until now! She told me, "This was the BEST day of my ENTIRE life!"

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