Saturday, March 9, 2013


During the month of February Little Buddy and I stayed in the house most of the time. We did venture out and run errands a few times and had a few lunches with friends. He did well during most of the outings. Around 6 weeks, he really began to fight sleep and became harder to get to sleep. However, at night something amazing happened in this household! The sleep fairy brought some MUCH needed sleep to this mama! Around 5 and 6 weeks Anderson began sleeping anywhere from 6 to NINE hours a night!!!!! I was still up with Hollyn some of those nights but this little buddy slept through the whole thing. All of these pictures are not great quality but at least at least I am documenting my second child's life.
 Just getting chubbier and chubbier! But oh so handsome!

At our two month appointment, Dr. Kemper said he needs to be rolling over by 4 months. With this chilled-out approach at tummy time, it may take awhile!

 This is my absolute favorite newborn sized outfit and we are growing out of it FAST!
Someone was all smiles right after eating!

"Now I lay me down to sleep, I store my food in my cheek!"

And we can NOT forget about this Priss! She found this old couch at a local consignment shop and wanted me to take her picture on it. Precious!

This girl LOVES tying things up and setting traps all over the house. I guess putting little brother in a trap seemed like a great idea. She even gave him the newspaper in case he wanted to read a bit. How kind.

 There is a Sky Jump at our mall and Hollyn has wanted to try it for about a year now. It has turned into something that she and Daddy go do to get out of the house on yucky weekend days. I know it's bad quality but she is very high in the air and even does flips now. She smiles and giggles the entire time that she is jumping. She is truly a little thrill seeker. 

Going to church has probably been the hardest thing to keep in the habit of doing since having Anderson. I know it is the most important, but is has been difficult to attend. Sunday School starts at 9:00 and it's just too early to get everyone fed and dressed (while screaming and throwing MEGA fits) and to church by 9. So we have tried to get to big church as much as possible. Hollyn does NOT like going and it is a very long time to sit still. We have been siting in the hall so that she doesn't have to sit so still and quiet. I am trying to keep him asleep or quiet at the same time. It's very hard for me to listen while all of those things are happening at once. Hollyn has started READING!!!! She can sound out short words phonetically and has several sight words memorized. She doesn't really like to read so getting her to practice is a challenge. I thought I would try to get her engaged during the sermon so I wrote "God" and "Jesus" on paper and told her to read those words. Little Toot took the paper and hid it while she wrote. I thought she was trying to copy "God" and "Jesus." No, she had other plans. She wrote "BUTT." Awesome. Well, I guess I should be glad that she can sound out words. Never a dull moment in this household!

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Jennifer said...

Anderson gets cuter and fatter with every picture! You are going to have biceps of steel from carrying him around. BTW, Paul didn't roll over until he was 6 months old! He was a lazy, chunky kid too.

Hooray for sleep! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!

But I'm sorry about the going to church issues. Been there...err...currently there... completely understand. Hollyn's fun word she wrote at church had me cracking up! Josiah's favorite word to write is 'poop'. Awesome children. :)