Thursday, April 11, 2013

3 Months

Well, Chubba Bubba has STOPPED sleeping through the night! Ugh! He has also transitioned to his crib, so that may be a factor. I always feel like once we are on a schedule in this household, then we aren't. Oh, well. He has become very active at 3 months. He is a back archer. Arches when you are changing him, putting him in the car seat, and if you are just holding him in your lap. He also breaks out of the Miracle Blanket!!! (Maybe another factor of not sleeping) He doesn't really hold things in his hand other than his Puppy Lovie and he loves to suck on it. I swear the kid is teething because he drools all the time and is CONSTANTLY chewing on his hands. Of course I thought Hollyn was teething for about 6 months because she was so fussy! Ha! He fights sleep like crazy and he has the highest pitch cry. I am a little concerned! It is extremely feminine! Overall, he is not the easiest baby I have ever seen. He is easier than Hollyn, mainly because he did not have colic at night. He goes to bed around 9:00 most nights, so that is great! Overall he is just precious and he LOVES to be held and talked to. He HATES riding in the car seat but the minute you take him out, he is so happy. I find myself just trying to slow down and snuggle him. It seems like time is always flying by!

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Jana said...

Such a cute picture of him. Looking at the camera and smiling! Well like you said, babies are constantly changing their schedules up on us. So hopefully that means his current schedule (not sleeping through the night) will change soon! Hope he goes back to sleeping for you!