Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter Weekend

Hollyn was watching TV one day (well, make that everyday!) and she saw a commercial for the Broadway production of Mary Poppins. She came running and screaming in and begging me to take her. Slight problem, it was in New York City. She was very bummed when I told her that was not a possibility. A few days later I was looking up Dallas Musicals and guess what?!? Mary Poppins was coming to town, right before her Birthday! So we decided to buy tickets for her Birthday. I kind of forgot that I would have a wee 3 month old at that point. Oops! We went to the afternoon show on the Saturday before Easter. It ended up being a very long day. We left our house a little before 10:00 and did not get home until after 7:00. Hollyn LOVED it! It was truly a great show. My mom went with us and I am so glad because it truly took a village! Scott basically paid $100 for him to spend the whole 4 hours walking brother around outside. He would text me and  I would go nurse and try to get him to sleep. Scott said he had met his musical quota for the decade! We had a great time overall!

On Sunday we went to church and to my parents for lunch. We love having both sets of Grandparents in town. We combine our families for several holidays. I am very thankful for that and that there is not much traveling for this family! These photos are not great quality because they were on my phone, but they are so cute! Look at that little munchkin with the butterball round head!

Sweet Siblings

Cici and Poppa Bear

 I love how sweet this outfit is on him! It has baby blue pin stripes on it. I don't think Scott would like it if I dressed him this way all year. 
Church was a bit hard with these kiddos. We really only heard about 5 minutes of the sermon. We had been reading the Jesus Storybook Bible everyday leading up to Easter. Even though she didn't get much out of the actual church service, she does know the true reason we celebrate Easter. One of my favorite parts from the Easter Story in The Jesus Storybook Bible, 

Jesus says, "Go everywhere and tell everyone the happy news. Tell them I love them so much that I died for them. Its the Truth that overcomes the terrible lie. God loves his children. Yes, he really does!"Suddenly the whole sky was filled with a dazzling light. "Now everyone can come home to God, death is not the end of you! You can live forever because I have rescued the whole world!" 

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