Monday, May 6, 2013

Four Months

Little Buddy is four months old!! My computer CRASHED! I am working on getting all my pictures transferred over to the laptop, so the next posts will probably be random and a little out of order. At his 4 month appointment, Anderson weighed 17 pounds!! HAHA! It's really just funny. He was 24 1/4 inches long. He is the exact size as Hollyn was but a full 2 pounds heavier! When I get my pictures recovered I will post pictures comparing the two of them. He was 90th% in weight and only 25% in head and length! Poor little short, fat man! I couldn't get a great 4 month picture. The top one shows that he is officially grabbing everything and putting it to his mouth. The bottom one shows his diaper literally busting out of his outfit. I think he is saying, "What? Does this outfit make me look fat or something?"

 He is so CUTE! I find myself just kissing him and wanting to squish him all day long. He had stopped sleeping through the night for a spell but now seems to be consistent  in sleeping from about 8:30 to 5. I then put him in bed with me and he will nurse and snooze for another hour or two. He still only takes 30 minute catnaps all day long. So weird! Hollyn did that but she didn't sleep well at night. I just thought he would fall into a better nap pattern by now. He does not like riding in the car seat at all! However, he will cry himself to sleep in it so that is a positive.He has stopped taking his pacifier and has refused the bottle a few times!  He loves the Baby Bjorn! Loves it! I can take him into Target and he will last long enough for me to spend $100 easily! He really likes the exersaucer, bath time and just talking to people. His favorite thing to do is be held and talked to. He loves trying to stand up on his legs and he just started rolling over at 4 months. He has mastered the back to front roll but is still working on the front to back. His squeals and fusses are abnormally high pitched! We just laugh because it is so funny to hear! He's precious and we are so blessed to have him in our family!!

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