Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mimi Turns 90!!!!!

On July 30th my grandmother had her 90th Birthday!!! Mimi is truly the sweetest little soul. I know I have blogged about it before, but this lady has been through so much and she never complains about anything. In her 90 years she had lived through the great depression, lived through the death of her parents, siblings, spouse, a son and a grandson. She is always happy and is a very faithful prayer warrior. She has prayed for my family countless times and even prays for my friends and their families. Mimi did not want any surprises or a big party on her day. So, we took her to eat Mexican food, her favorite. My mom arranged for family and friends to send her a sweet Birthday card. We were hoping that she would have 90 cards on her big day. She kept getting cards and getting cards and LOVED reading over them every day. She actually received a grand total of 130 cards in the mail. That shows you how many lives she has touched and how many love our Mimi!

 I am so thankful my children get to spend time with their great-grandmother!

 When Mimi made her wish, she wished for MANY more Birthdays! Haha! Knowing her, it could happen!

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