Sunday, December 29, 2013


November was one of the CrAziEst months we have had so far! We started the first weekend off by going to the Jr. League Deck the Halls event and visiting Santa. Hollyn did NOT want to sit on his lap and cried and pouted the entire time we stood in line. I bribed her with a hula hoop full of gum if she would cooperate. So at the last moment she turned on the smile for the camera and the buddy bawled his eyes out. It is the most ironic picture ever.

My mom and I took Hollyn to see the High School's production of Willy Wonka. She was so excited to see it! It was a great production and we had a fun girly night. 

Hollyn's class had plenty of Thanksgiving festivities. They have a big kindergarten feast and I got to help serve her class. This is her best friend Kaitlyn. They have really hit it off and are sweet little buddies together. I am very thankful for her little friends at school. I prayed all summer that she would find a sweet friend in her class. 

I went and ate lunch with Hollyn the day the cafeteria served Thanksgiving feast. Hollyn informed me she was not exactly a "thanksgiving feast type of girl," so I picked up Subway for us. (She takes after her mama!) We had a sweet little lunch together. 

Hollyn was off of school for an entire week! The highlight of the week was our cousins coming to visit for days! Hollyn loved taking care of Cambry and playing with her. We got to meet our newest little cousin, sweet Lainey Reese! We were so thrilled to spend time with her. 

 I love this picture of Hollyn holding Lainey for the first time! It looks like they are just so happy to see each other. 

Anderson turned 11 months old the week of Thanksgiving! Since I didn't get to take a great picture of him in all the craziness, this is Hollyn's interpretation of Chubs.

Little Buddy, we moved the week of Thanksgiving and I didn't get to take a great picture of you. This is the best I got! At 11 months old you are really starting to ham it up! You have added the words, "hot, pops, Ha (for Hollyn), and duck. If we talk about cars you say, "vroom, vroom." You LOVE to blow on my dad's varmint call. You hold up one finger if we ask you how old you are. You dance when you hear music. You turn your hands in the air and wave them around when we sing "The Wheels on the Bus." When we ask, "Where is ____?" You hold your hands up in the air and make a little sound like "I don't know."  You love to copy facial expressions and any sound that we make. You really are a sweet little guy and are lots of fun!
 You were my little packing buddy. Actually, you were more of an un-packing buddy. I would get something packed and you would dump it all out as fast as possible. It was quite a bit of work moving over Thanksgiving weekend with small children. We were SO grateful to have both of our parents and my brothers in town to help. We could NOT have done it without many of our guy friends that helped with all the big stuff. Our wood floors weren't quite dry so we had to move all our things into the garage and stay with my parents for two days. Things seemed a little chaotic at times but you and Hollyn were happy and had plenty of people to play with you. 

I went on many trips to find the perfect, softest bath rugs that your sister approved of. You seemed to approve of them also! The next two weeks or so seemed a bit crazy with us trying to get settled. You and Hollyn seemed to adjust just fine with the new move. Hollyn has had some moments that she needed to be sad about the change but she's doing well now.
Hollyn dressed you up one morning and this is the picture I took. You and your sister have officially started playing together this month. You LOVE her and she loves to play with you.

 Apparently Hollyn left some Oreos within your reach one day. You were delighted to find them!

 I eventually got  things together and ready for Christmas and we are settling into the new house!

I love this picture of you, my little eleven month old!

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