Sunday, December 29, 2013


I am so far behind and probably no one else reads this blog anymore except my mom and my sister in law! October was short and sweet. I dressed Chubbalicious up as a biker babe for Halloween! He was so adorable! I spent a whopping $3 on his entire costume. 

 Hollyn wanted to be a purple pop star. I had a whole cute Wizard of Oz theme planned out but alas, the costume was too scratchy for Priss. So we went with this cheap costume from Target. I got ZERO cute pictures of the two of them she ended up having a great night.
 We went to several annual Halloween parties! We always go to Mandy"s, but I have no pictures of that one. Thank you Kathy for sending this cute one of me and the kids. It was COLD but always fun to go on a hayride and snuggle!
 Hollyn wanted to enter the school pumpkin decorating competition. We had to choose a storybook character and she chose Strawberry Shortcake. (She already had the wig and hat from last year's Halloween costume.) We had a LONG talk before we started  this project because art projects NEVER end well in this household. Hollyn likes them to turn out perfectly or go as she thinks things should go. 

We spent HOURS on this and Hollyn painted the majority of the pumpkin. When we were finished she said, "Mom, I think we make a great team!" And I am so happy to report that there were NO TEARS and no one was harmed in the making of this pumpkin. The icing on the cake was that Hollyn won SECOND PLACE in all of Kindergarten for her pumpkin. She was one happy girl! October flew by and we headed quickly into fall!

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