Friday, December 12, 2008

8 Months

These were some of my favorites for the Christmas card shoot. Thank you Scott & Jameson! 8 months!!! It literally feels like I wrote about 7 months last week. Not much has changed in the past month. She is such a little busy baby and is always doing something to make us crack up laughing! We are trying sign language, but she has not caught on yet. She has started pointing but that is about it. It seems like she does a new little trick everyday. Right now she loves to laugh, let Scott chase and "get her" and fake cough. She pulls up and stands all the time, she is now starting to only hold on with one hand. Still not loving the car seat, and still not sleeping through the night. I can't believe we are only 4 months away from being one year old! I praise the Lord for her everyday!


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, these pictures are beautiful!!! She is so cute! I laughed when I read that you said she likes to fake cough. That's hysterical!!

Alison said...

those pics and your christmas card are out of this world! She should be a baby model. Ava loves the card too--she's been holding it and saying, "Hollwyn."

Jesse and Dori said...

Those pictures are so cute, I liked the card! We are really looking forward to our little munchkin's getting together soon!