Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Pivotal Month

I only took about 5 pictures during the month of November! So thanks to Lynzee for sending me these pictures from Disney Princesses on Ice. We had a great time!

November was a huge month in Hollyn's little life! She has been attending BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) since last January. She has also continued to cry every single week since she started. Now, you may think that is totally normal and that most children cry for a little while when you drop them off. Well folks, this ain't your average crying! I am talking about crying at home because she doesn't want to go then fighting me to get dressed, then crying when we get there, then crying off and on the entire 2 hours and 15 minutes that she is there. Crying to the point she is the child that has to be removed from the class (in a happy and loving way) so that the other children can hear the Bible story! The BSF teachers have loved and prayed for Hollyn during this whole process. I mean covered the girl in prayer! So I am thrilled and estatic to announce that Hollyn stopped crying at BSF during the first week of November and has not cried since! I am so grateful to the Lord for caring about this issue in our 2 yr old life and giving Hollyn the peace that she needs while I leave her.
I would often ask Hollyn if she played with any friends while she was at BSF and she would reply, "No I am too busy missing you and crying to have friends!" So I started praying that Hollyn would be "Anxious about nothing..." (Phil 4:6) and that she would make a friend. The Lord has answered both of those prayers and she now has a friend named Lily that she LOVES and she is literally a COMPLETELY different child at BSF.
Also in the month of November, Hollyn was able to stay in Sunday School and in the nursery during the whole church service for the first time without tears! First time in 2 years and 8 months! Yippee!!!

This is the month when Hollyn has decided that she will wear panties most days when we are at home. She has even started going #2 on the potty also. I haven't braved going into public without a pull-up yet though. Some days getting her to wear panties can still be quite the battle, you just never know what the day holds with this little firecracker!

**I forgot to add that November was the first time that Hollyn has been able to make it through gymnastics class with me sitting with all the other moms! We have had some embarrassing, and defiant moments- but overall I am just thrilled that I get to sit and talk to adults the whole hour!
Now if the Lord would just hear my prayers about the extreme sleeping conditions. Not sure why he is holding out on that one....


Strange family said...

Jill, she is adorable! God is good and I know it's a blessing that He is answering your prayers! We need to get together again. You need to meet Luke! :)

Alison said...

I'm so glad to see the answer of prayer in her not crying at BSF and in church. I also wanted to tell you how adorable your Christmas card was. I love the pictures, especially of the ones of her on the back. She is too cute! Miss you!

Kimberly said...

What a HUGE month for Miss Hollyn! I'm so happy that she has found her place in BSF and the church nursery. I know that's a huge blessing for you. I know I told you on Wednesday, but she was wonderful in the BSF classroom. I really loved watching her interact and be at peace. She was a joy! Blessings to you all!