Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas, as usual! Hollyn was very sweet throughout the month of December when it came to what she wanted for Christmas. If you asked her what she wanted she would say, "I don't need anything. I have my lovie and pacifier." My favorite thing that she said was, "I don't need anything. Just Baby Jesus."

Well, after we took her to see Santa Claus, she turned a little worldly! Then she wanted "walkie talkies, a kite, and a PUPPY!!" This was her answer every.single.time! And for those of you that don't know me well- Mama ain't no animal lover! So Santa, being the thoughtful person that he is, brought Hollyn a Beta Fish. This is the first pet that Scott and I have ever owned!!

I ordered her this cute outfit from Etsy. I tried to get a cute picture on several occasions but to no avail!

I made the mistake of saying it sorta looked like a karate outfit on her. So this is what I got...
We started our Christmas morning out with Scott video taping from the living room. We wanted to see her reaction when she saw her fish. So the tape starts rolling and then all you hear is Hollyn crying and screaming from the other room. She didn't want Scott to video tape her. (Which is VERY unlike her). It's a great tape though. I am just standing in the hallway and she is just screaming for several minutes. After we convinced her that we weren't taping any longer (forgive us, we lied) then she comes in and says, "A FISH!! I GOT A FISH!" It was a great reaction. She was so thrilled with all of her things. I brainwashed her and said, "You must have been so good because you got everything you asked for. walkie talkies, a kite and a PET." She miraculously forgot all about the puppy!
When we asked her what she wanted to name her fish she answered, "How about Decoration Fish??!!" A great name, but we decided on "Flower."
As I was putting my Christmas decorations away, Hollyn discovered a tiny baby Jesus in a nativity set that I didn't put out this year. She told me that he was very hungry and she would be right back. After a few minutes of strange silence, I went to find her. She was in her play castle with her shirt off. I asked what she was doing. She laughed and said, "Just giving Baby Jesus some milk." Yes, leave it to Hollyn Claire to breastfeed Baby Jeus! Merry Christmas Everyone!!


Strange family said...

She is too cute! She looks so old in that last picture!

Meg said...

i am dying that she tried to breastfeed baby Jesus!! hahaha!!

Jennifer said...

how fun!! she does look so big in the last picture! And that made me laugh out loud about her breastfeeding baby Jesus! priceless!!

Jesse and Dori said...

Too cute! Love that story about feeding Jesus, I don't think Hazel knows about breastfeeding, I guess we haven't been around nursing mom's lately:) Love the xmas outfit!