Thursday, July 14, 2011


We got to take a mini vacation for Scott to get some CPE hours for the year. On the way we stopped to spend time with Jesse, Dori and sweet Hazel. The girls are about 2 months apart and they had so much fun together. They wanted to pose for us on the steps while we took their picture. We only get to see them a few times a year, and it is always a blessing when we get to visit. I also got to see one of my college roommates! But didn't get any pictures! Hollyn was PERFECT on the 3 hour trip there!

On the way to Galveston, Hollyn did have some major meltdowns in the car. She just HATES being in the carseat. It got quite stressful at times because of the screaming and driving in places we had never been. At one point she looked at me and SCREAMED, "SHUT UP!!!" So Scott turned around and raised his voice to let her know that she will not talk to her parents that way. He truly never raises his voice at her, so she got the point and then cried more and more because he had corrected her. We FINALLY arrived at our hotel and Scott got out and put a huge fake smile on his face and very cheerily said, "Now let's go have fun!" Hollyn looked at him and back at me and said, "Ugh! Daddy's so Grumpy!" It was just hilarious, the kid who screamed all the live long day is calling someone else grumpy!!???

We had only taken Hollyn to the beach in Florida since she has been born. She wasn't a fan of getting dirty in the sand, but LOVED the ocean waters. Well, Galveston was a different story. As soon as we got into town, she took a few whiffs of the ocean and literally had a mini-throw up because of the smells! The closer we got to the beach, the worse it stunk!! So we took her down to the water and got a few moments that were happy but then she quickly wanted to leave. I didn't blame her one bit- it was truly gross. She is my child when it comes to smells and getting grossed out easliy. So we spent 5 minutes in the brown water and then did not return to the ocean again. We hung out at the nice pool the rest of the week.

Scott's parents meet us in Galveston to stay with me during the days while Scott was at training. I was SO glad that they did. I would've been going crazy by the end of the day if I had not had their help! We took Hollyn to Rainforest Cafe for the first time. I had never been either, she seemed to be scared of the animals at first, but then really had fun!

We decided to ride on the ferry one night just for kicks. I didn't get that many kicks out of it, but we did see some dolphins out in the distance. When we were back in our cars and driving, Hollyn said, "Well, I didn't throw my shoe in the water!" If you that doesn't ring a bell, then just for kicks, read this post:

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Trae Kendrick said...

Thoroughly enjoying your blog! Your Hollyn stories bring back some memories of my Cam. Wish I had written all of them down. =)