Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve we went to Aunt Janet and Uncle Tim's to have dinner. Hollyn and Baby Austin got lots of presents. The highlight of the evening was our white elephant gift exchange. Scott scored an awesome tacky Christmas sweater that his mom made. See pics below. :) After that we went back to our house with Cici, Poppa Bear, and Aunt Susan. My camera was completely Hollyn had a blast on Christmas Eve. Cici and Poppa Bear showered her with presents. One of her favorite things was Hickory Farms Beef Sticks. She loved those things! She was dancing around with the beef sticks saying, "This is the BEST Christmas Ever!"Christmas Eve, Hollyn was asleep by about 10:30. AMAZING!!! She slept till about 7:30. AMAZING! As she said, "Christmas makes me behave!" She woke up the next day and walked very calmly into the living room. She was extremely reserved and quiet. She just kept looking around. She sat and inspected her doll house. I said, "Do you like it?" She said, "Yes. I just didn't know he could put all that together." So she is a total skeptic. A few days later she started talking about Santa, looked at me and said, "Is he real?" I said, " Well what do you think?" She answered, "I think there are just a bunch of people dressed up." And so I just said, "Ok, you can think that if you want to." So who knows if she will ever fully buy into the Santa thing. The important thing is that she sees us believe in Jesus Christ 365 days a year.

We have a tradition on Christmas morning that consists of Monkey Bread for breakfast and having all the grandparents over to see what "Santa" brought Hollyn. This year was extra special because her new 8 day old cousin Cambry Paige was in town. This is the first time Hollyn got to hold her.
I love this one!
We had lunch at my parents house and then played some gift card games and opened presents. My dad gave us all some special gifts. I was given the gun that he carried when he first worked for DPS.
Here is the tacky Christmas sweater Scott's mom made for him. I love it!

Jameson and Mimi. I have no idea what I didn't get pictures of all the grandparents or Aunt Susan or Aunt Mel Mel. I was distracted with our newest gift, Cambry! Hollyn did redeem herself (from the previous post Santa attempt) and let me get some cute pics of her in this cutie pie dress.

The proud new parents. Jana looks beautiful, as usual! She even had on her REGULAR jeans. Eight days after delivering an almost 9 pound baby. I shall not covet.
And the cousins were all decked in their Christmas attire. And somehow we laid Cambry down and did not realize her bobble head was to the side. And Hollyn apparently had lost her Christmas spirit. Oh well. Merry Christmas!!


Karson & Alison said...
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Karson & Alison said...

I love all your pictures. Hollyn is a doll! I really love the one of her you have as your header too.

Jennifer said...

Your little niece is a beauty! Your sister-in-law in her pre-preggo pants already... wow!! LUCKY GIRL! I feel like it's going to take me forever to get back to my regular pants.

I love all of your pictures! Scott's tacky sweater is so funny! Josiah is skeptical of the whole santa thing too, I think santa kind of creeps him out. ha! And yay for the good night of sleep on Christmas Eve, that's the best gift for you, I'm sure! One night of blissful sleep...ahhh... will that ever happen again? lol! :)