Friday, December 23, 2011

December Happenings

December FLEW by! We had Scott's family Christmas a few weeks ago. A small Christmas Miracle occurred that day. When we got there at 1:00 pm, Hollyn started playing with Abbi, Ashlee & Baylee. Hollyn didn't even come sit in my lap or seek my attention until about 6:30pm! She even ate at a table with the girls. This is a big deal for Hollyn. She is usually wanting to be around me or in my lap, especially in a house full of people she doesn't know. I have noticed that she always has played better with older kids. Again, if I could birth an 8 year old- believe me I would!I think this is such a great picture of all the girls. Hollyn is actually smiling. We didn't get baby Roselynn in the picture this year. It's funny- all of the third cousins are girls on this side of the family.
Of course we have several cute Christmas outfits for the month. And Hollyn is a BEAR to photograph sometimes. So this is the only decent shot I got in this cute outfit. You can't even really see it. Idid not include the 20 shots of her turning her back to me, hiding behind a pole and sticking her bottom out at me.
And we had the bright idea to go visit Santa. Hollyn sat in his lap at 8 months and cried. So the next year I decide to forgo because I didn't want to scare her. Last year, she was very timid but she actually sat in his lap. This year she has already told me, "There is no such thing as Santa. He is not real." When I asked her why she would say that she answered, "Because I am 13."
All month she has wanted nothing to do with him, but this week she wanted to see him. Well, she quickly changed her mind. Here she is on the floor- refusing to even go near him.
So here is the Santa shot we ended up with.
And this month we have a baby cousin! I am officially an aunt! Cambry Paige was born on December 16th. This little cutie kept her parents waiting for NINE days past her due date. She weighed 8lbs 10oz and was 21in long. I am THRILLED because they are traveling to see us this weekend. What a wonderful Christmas gift!!
It has rained quite a bit for December and Hollyn is quite happy about it. She LOVES to put on rain boots and splash in puddles. It was about 40 degrees one day when she played in the rain. She loves being outside - rain or shine! Most of the time I can't even get her to wear a jacket! Here are my two favorite Hollyn quotes of the month:

She had thrown a cup across the living room. I said, "Hollyn, how did that cup get in the hallway?" She answered, "I didn't do it. I don't know." I replied, "Hollyn, that is not true. You are telling me a lie. You must always tell the truth!" She quickly responded, " Well that is not a lie, it is a trick. There are three kinds. 1. Lies 2. tricks 3. jokes. So see, there are three kinds so it's ok."

After a 30 to 45 minute screaming, crying meltdown- Hollyn says:
"I am SO upset with you! You are the parent and you put me in my room for FIVE HOURS!!! I don't have any money! All of these things are just y'alls! And I don't have any money! I AM JUST HERE!!!!!!"

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Jennifer said...

I'm pretty sure I've told my mom the same thing about birthing an older kid, it would make my life so much easier. haha! And what she says to you never ceases to amaze me. Her mind is so sharp and quick. I would bet she is going to be a very intelligent young lady one of these days. She's going to do big things in her life, God's going to use her in mighty ways. He didn't make her Miss Personality Plus for no reason, He has big plans for her, I don't doubt it!