Wednesday, May 29, 2013


 Hollyn decided to take dance this year instead of gymnastics. She really enjoyed it until about January. Then all of a sudden her tights and leotards drove her nuts and it was a true battle to get her out the door each week. I think a lot of it had to do with Anderson being born and Hollyn just didn't like leaving me at home with him during dance class. As the recital grew closer, Hollyn grew anxious about it and begged not to go through with it. I could barely get her costumes on her to try them out because they were so scratchy and it just threw her into a total meltdown. The week of the recital she would cry and scream just talking about it. So we prayed about it that week that God would help her to face her fears and that she would be able to do it. She even had me pray that Jesus would help her not feel the lines and scratches in her costumes. Haha! We had to be at dress rehearsal early Saturday morning. Miraculously, she got up and dressed with very little resistance. The rehearsal was LONG, LONG, LONG! Hollyn did great though. She and her friend Lorelei sat and watched the other girls practice. Performance time came and she did GREAT! Everything was so fast paced that night that she didn't have much down time to sit and dwell on her scratchy costumes. 

Since the costumes were such an issue I didn't get a chance to dress her up and get great pictures. This one is my favorite. 

 I only took pictures of her on stage during dress rehearsal. She actually loved the attention once she got up on the stage. 

 By the end of the night, she was not letting me get a great picture. This is all I got in the horribly scratchy tap costume. Ha!
After it was over I was sitting with her and I said, "Now see wasn't that fun?" Without missing a beat she answered, "NO Mother! You signed me up for something ridiculous!"
A few days later she said, "IF I ever decide to do dance again, please tell everyone just to give me money instead of flowers!"


Jana said...

She is so cute and so hilarious! Makes me think of all the recitals I did over the years and all the fun costumes. I hope Cambry wants to do dance one day so I can see her on stage in a cute little costume :) Wish we could have seen Hollyn dance!

Unknown said...

Just curious if you have ever looked into sensory processing issues. Looking back, I feel like Jaxson had mild version of this, as did I when I was young (and it seems that Jaxson and Hollyn have similarities in their personalities). It would explain her extreme aversion to scratchy clothing, etc. My mom says it used to take hours to get me ready because if any tag touched me or if a sock was not turned exactly right I had meltdowns. For Jaxson it was more sound related. He would melt down in restaurants or high volume places - just sensory overload. I doubt Hollyn or myself or Jaxson had a severe case of this, but had I known about it, there may have been some therapy type activities we could have done at home. Here is a link - As always, disregard if this seems totally not applicable. Just thought I'd share!