Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Merry Merry Month of May

The month of May has been a bit busy and has FLOWN by! I have several posts to catch up on. Here are a few things we've been up to...
Putting Strawberry Shortcake wigs on little brother. I think he looks very pretty, actually!

 Priss learned to blow a bubble. She has LOVED gum since she was two and has been practicing this skill lately. She finally got it and I snapped a picture.
Little Buddy is officially CRAZY with movement! He is flipping and rolling like crazy every time you try to get him out of bath or change his diaper. I really don't know where he thinks he is going, but it's pretty funny. I don't remember Hollyn being this hard to change before 5 months. It was more like 7 months when she hated being still. All the flipping and rolling has brought me some SLEEPLESS nights!! Ugh!!!! He has been back to waking up every 3 or so hours for most of the month of May. I'm pooped. He's hungry too. Somehow he has gotten off with feedings during the day and moved them to night time.

We go out to our lot almost every night. Hollyn loves it out there and there is always a small adventure waiting. This time it was mud puddles. It was the weekend of Mother's Day and she was splashing away and stopped to say, "Happy MUD-ders Day!" 

 Her preschool hosted a Mother's Day Brunch. It was a very sweet morning. The children sang a few songs and then gave us a bag of crafts they had been working very hard to prepare for us. These are her four besties from class. 
 And a sweet picture of Hollyn and me.

Last year we started going to see Gotta Sing Gotta Dance at the High School. It is a show put on by choir and dance students. I was in it in High School and I love going to watch it. Hollyn has come to love it also. She talks about it all year long. We went to dinner with our friends Lucy and Ava before the show. I LOVE this picture. The moms of these girls are still some of my very best friends to this day. 
It was so kind of Scott to let me go since Little Brother doesn't love the bottle. Well, they had a time. Finally Scott brought him to me so I could nurse him in the parking lot. Then the buddy continued to cry for the rest of the night and finally gave it up and went to sleep. Poor Anderson and Scott! I don't think I will be leaving him at night for awhile!

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