Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last Day of Preschool

Last week Hollyn had her very last day of Preschool ever! (insert ugly cry!!) It literally hurts my heart to think that she is finished with Preschool and in a few short months will be off to REAL school! I have to say that two years ago, before she started in the 3 yr old class, I wasn't sure how she would do in preschool. However, her two years of preschool have gone so well!
On the last day I decided to have the parents set up an ice cream party for the kids. Everything turned out very cute. I even found ice cream cone bubbles to set out on the tables. The kids were very happy about the ice cream bar. 

Hollyn has a very small class this year. There are only four girls in the class. Hailey, Emri, Hollyn and Coco

There are only 3 boys in the class the class. Aston, Holdyn, and Miller

 One of the moms brought waffle cones and balls for an ice cream cone relay race. Then we had a water balloon toss. The kids had a blast!
We have had the SWEETEST little class this year. Mrs. Brown has been an incredible teacher and Hollyn has made very close friends this year. She has learned to be friends with boys and girls and has grown so much throughout the year.

These next pictures hurt my heart!!! The top one was taken on the last day of school and the bottom one was taken on the very first day of school. I am laughing because she is basically wearing the same outift just with different color schemes. She looks SO much younger in the bottom picture!! I did not realize that she had changed so much. 

 I prayed all last summer that she would actually make friends this year and that she would have the perfect teacher for her and she sure did! I am so thankful that God cares about the little things in our children's lives. We will always look back at the 4 year old Pre-K year with great memories!

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