Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Five Months

 Anderson is 5 months old! (This post is a week late) I got a new app on my phone and love to write little things on my pictures. I just had to write, "Yum" on this one. All the rolls and just the cuteness! He's just so chubbalicious!  

Here are some fun facts about my 5 month old: 
  • doesn't care for the car seat unless you are riding in the back with him
  • will cry himself to sleep in the car and in his crib when necessary
  •  doesn't love to be sitting on someone's lap for longer than a few minutes. 
  • enjoys baby toys and will actually lay and play with them
  • will NOT stay on his back while getting diaper changed. He flips and rolls like a mad man
  • He does LOVE bath time (he's a nutty- splashing -crazy man)
  • ADORES his sister! He goes NUTS laughing and screaming with delight while watching her run around or put on a show for him
  • enjoys riding in the Baby Bjorn
  • Nurses a little violently at times- kicks one of his legs and flaps an arm almost the whole time
  • does love to nurse himself to sleep
  • smiles A LOT!
  • does not sleep through the whole night right now (every night is totally different)
  • Overall, he is really a jolly little soul

He is not a great napper but will mostly be content if he is tired and we are running errands. One day he literally fell asleep facing outward in the Baby Bjorn. Bless him!

Hollyn put a cowboy hat on him and took this picture. She loves to dress him up or mess with him and then take a picture.

I decided to give him some baby food when he turned 5 months, just to see what he would do. I read about grains and some research shows that our they are hard to digest for babies yada yada yada. So I mixed bananas and breast milk in a blender and the buddy seemed to really enjoy it. He never spit any of it back out. I did that for almost a week. He then got a runny nose and a cough so I have decided just to hold off on the foods till 6 months. (I am not saying the bananas had anything to do with it, that's just my weird way of doing things). Time definitely goes by faster with the second child. I really hate that because I am loving this little squishy baby right now! Happy 5 months!

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