Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chubby Bubby

 This post will be all about the little buddy and some random pictures from my phone. He is NOT  sleeping through the night every night. It seems as if I get a good night about every two weeks. It just so happens on the nights that he does sleep, I am up with Hollyn that night for a long period of time. Oh the joy! Every single day is a different schedule. I am ok with it, I guess because he is the second child and we are on the go a lot with Hollyn. I am hoping that when she starts kindergarten he will become more predictable. He is an overall very happy baby, even if he is very tired. One day I couldn't get him to nap and I had let him fuss awhile. I finally went in and found him with a blanket on his head. He was so happy to see me. I LOVE that picture! He is truly a doll baby! About two weeks ago he had quite a bit of blood in two of his diapers. It was a bit nerve rattling so I took him in to see the doctor that afternoon. Dr. Kemper thinks it is a milk protein allergy! I am thrilled that it wasn't something more serious for him. It does mean that I must cut out all milk products from my diet. NOOOOOO!!  We are talking protein shakes, smoothies, greek yogurt, bowls of cereal, cheese, ice cream and you get the idea. Since I already am very picky and eat basically zero meat, I am down to lettuce.On a positive note, maybe I will loose these last 12 pounds! Anderson is officially scooting everywhere. He doesn't really move his legs yet, but he holds his head up and pulls himself with his arms. It is very impressive that he can move all 18.4 pounds of himself anywhere he wants to!

 Oh the summer days can be LONG! I tried to make laundry exciting one day by giving laundry basket rides. Chubs wasn't that thrilled.
One night in the bath Bubba was going nuts sucking on Hollyn's arm. He has actaaully given me a hicky on my bicep before. He is quite a fierce eater!

This is Buddy in his swim gear. Seriously, he is DELICIOUS!

"What chu talkin' 'bout Willis?" Please note the large man boob on the right!

"Does this hat make my head look big?"
And I love this next picture of sweet Mimi and Anderson. She will be 90 in July! What a blessing it is to have my kids get to know their great grandmother. She is such a sweet, selfless lady! My next post will be about the Priss!

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Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry you have to cut out dairy! What will you eat then? I think 50% of my diet is dairy. I love cheese so much. And I still crack up every time I see the man boob picture. HAHAHA! It's a miracle he can pull himself around with all that weight!