Saturday, June 29, 2013

Prissy Sissy

A few weeks ago Hollyn and I were making a big summer to do list. My first suggestion was to make homemade ice cream. Hers was to ride a donkey. This may be a long summer. I mean, can you think of anything more refreshing than riding a donkey in 105 degree weather?

I polled some moms on Facebook asking what they wish they would've done differently to "enjoy their kids while they were little." The answers were really great and I was glad that I asked. Most of them agreed that it was the little things such as: not being so worried about the clean house, building forts, getting on the floor and playing more, not being too busy, and just overall cherishing the time you have with them in the little years. So I decided that this summer, while we are renting, I would let my house go quite a bit. Mainly because Hollyn is a tornado. We are not talking just getting toys out all over the house either. She's just a mess. I am always on her nagging and commanding her to put things away and this produces so much crying. I also decided this was the summer that I would not be dropping my kids off at grandparents several times a week so I could spend time working out. This is just the summer that I am 10 pounds heavier and the house is ten times messier. I have to say some days this works out beautifully for us and other days are stressful. There are a lot of meltdowns in this household and I do have a few of my own as well. However, in just two short months this sassy girl will be in kindergarten I am truly striving to spend as much time with her as possible and to let her just be a kid right now. 
I looked back in the rear view mirror and Hollyn was wearing a pair of sunglasses that I keep in the car. I snapped a picture because I remembered this picture below that I took of her when she was right at a year old. I was sitting in the back seat with her and I remembered taking this picture. Truly the days are LONG, but the years are so so short.

This week I was working on dishes and laundry and just had to take a picture of the condition of my living room. 
And one day the tornado decided to do a science experiment. She pulled out every single spice I owned and made a concoction. I have to give her credit, it fizzed up everywhere and she was THRILLED. Then she spilled it all over the floor. I will spare you a picture of that because it was NASTY!!!

I had a horrible headache that had made me sick all morning and I was just out of it that day. I went to take a much needed, relaxing bath and this was the condition of my tub. She had gotten all of our products from the cabinet and set them up. Why? Just why?
One day we were cracking ourselves up with some bubba teeth. Did I mention that the days are long? And why is 4:00-6:00 pm seem like it lasts for 15 hours!
So we are building some tents and forts this summer...
And brother is a real life baby doll.
Hollyn is enjoying getting into my makeup right now and wearing fancy things. (She wears them for about 5 minutes and then throws them on the floor because they are so scratchy.) We went to a friend's house for dinner and Hollyn was THRILLED when Amanda gave her a make-over. This child truly does better around kids that are older. She loves "big" girls. I just thought this was a precious picture.
And now for a few things that she has said over the past few weeks...

Today Hollyn said, "Mom I really wish everyone in the world loved God." I said, "Oh that is so sweet and I do too." She then said, "And then Satan would be like-ugh!!! What about me!? And he would look up and we would all be in heaven shaking our hineys at him."

Hollyn's snuggling her brother and in a rare moment says, "Bubbie, I love you! I love you more than anything." I can't get over the sweetness. Her next comment is, "I love you more than Satan." 
And moment over.

Scott and I have joked for YEARS that we are on candid camera. It seems like this summer we are thinking it even more. Whether its in the middle of a very stressful moment or Hollyn has just said something hilarious and made the mess of the century, or she is up for HOURS in the night. We just keep looking at each other and saying, "Any day now the camera crew is going to jump out! 
Just any day now."


Christi Ellis said...

I'm so glad I know y'all. I mean you just can't make this stuff up. I'm dying laughing at Anderson in the funny and sweet! Someday she is just going to crack up over reading her quotes.

Jennifer said...

I wish I could be a fly on the wall in your house to hear and see all the things Hollyn does & says!

I too am trying really hard not to let the destroyed house get on my nerves. It is so hard to let things go like that. And I'm working on inviting people over even though my house is a wreck, sometimes I let my messy house detract me from inviting friends over. It's hard trying to work through these major OCD tendencies!!

I'm with you though, the days are soooo long sometimes. 4-6pm is the witching hour when my ugly yelling side comes out. You are not alone, friend!

Jennifer said...

Also, I have no idea why my blog wouldn't let you comment?! All of my settings are still the same, who knows. My mom just recently left a comment so I guess it's working. Maybe something with your browser? I don't know!