Monday, July 1, 2013

6 Months

 Anderson is half of a year old!!! Yikes! Time goes by much faster with your second baby! He is in full army crawl mode. He can get across the room pretty quickly if he sees something he wants to play with. He loves going after shoes and the Ipad! At his appt. today he weighed 18lbs 13 oz. His growth chart showed that he was actually slowing down a bit! He was 25.6 inches long. The doctor did not give me the percentile, just said he was looking great and his growth chart looked like a typical breastfed baby. I saw a different doctor today because ours is on vacation and I was at that place for close to 2 hours! I have to brag on the little buddy though. He NEVER fussed or whimpered until he got his shots. I was about to go crazy sitting in that little room for that long but he was happy as can be. I am so thankful! I NEVER took Hollyn to the doctor alone until she was about 3. I just could not do it physically. She was a screaming, clawing mess. Anderson was cautious of the doctor and hesitant around him but he never cried.  Our photo session did not go so great. These are just a few shots from my phone. I also had Hollyn screaming at me and arguing about how my Canon works. So we called it quits pretty quickly.

I love this little 6 month old!

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