Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mini Vacation

Since we are building a house this summer and Scott is the contractor we decided we aren't going to travel this summer. We did decide that we would go to Dallas for one night and stay at the Gaylord Texan. Hollyn was SO excited to go on a vacation. (You can't really call it that, but we did for her.) We booked a night on July 4th so we could watch the fireworks at the hotel. Hollyn spiked little buddy's hair for the occasion.

 We LITERALLY had to stop and let this child go to the bathroom 4 times on the short (which turned very long) 2 hour trip. FOUR TIMES! Add in nursing and lunch and it was a bit longer than desired. The Priss also thought she needed to "stretch her legs" every time that we stopped.

We go to the hotel and it was PACKED. I have never seen such a line to check into a hotel ever. I was literally wanting to bolt. I just kept thinking, "What if there is a fire. How would we get out of this crazy place?!?" I guess I don't love crowds much. We decided to head to the pool and let me tell you it was a par-TAY! So crowded! This sweet bubba fell asleep while I held him in the pool, even with the LOUD D.J. and music blaring. 

We decided to eat at the resort that evening and that may have been a mistake. Becuase of the crowds, we had to wait an hour and a half for our dinner. We also paid a ridiculous amount of money for that dinner. Not our favorite part of the trip at all! But I did get to snap this cute picture of my two kiddos in their red, white and blue.

We soon learned that the fireworks would be viewed from the top of the parking garage along with 3,000 other people. I literally started sweating and freaking out when I heard that. No way. I could not do that at 10 pm. But, we had a HUGE blessing! We learned that we should be able to see the show from our 8th story hotel room. Thank you Lord! So we got to enjoy the fireworks from our comfy bed. I do have to say that it was the best fireworks show I have ever seen. I truly enjoyed watching it with my little family all together.

We did have a good trip. I don't think we will ever go again though. Scott and I decided it wasn't really our cup of tea. Give me the mountains or a lake somewhere and I will be happy. Hollyn truly had fun and overall both kids were GREAT the whole time!

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