Thursday, July 25, 2013

July Randoms

When I get ready in the mornings I put Anderson in a bouncy seat. Lately when I look at him in that seat I flash back to seeing Hollyn in her pink bouncy at this age. I found a picture for comparison. I do remember her holding her toes a lot more than he does. He also will sit in the bouncer longer than she will. I think they look pretty similar, especially when she would smile. 

I started Anderson on baby food. He has made a few funny faces when he tries a new food, but he seems to like everything that he has tried. He likes green beans the least. 

 This girl. I found her watching the Ipad like this one day. She is not even using her hands! That can not be good for her neck. She stands on her head all the time. One morning she told me she was going to England. She dressed up, got her suitcase and headed outside to get the newspaper. 

I was trying to snap a picture of how happy Little Buddy is when he wakes up after a nap. Before I could, Hollyn jumped in the crib and photo bombed. 

And I LOVE this picture of Scott and Hollyn. We were at lunch on a random day of the week. She was a true delight to be with this day. I think this is just a great picture. I am so blessed to have this little family of mine!

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