Monday, September 23, 2013

September Randoms

This month is flying fast! This post will mostly be random things that I had captured on with my camera. Hollyn has been a MESS this month. Lots of fun and lots of fits! Overall, she is doing WONDERFUL in Kindergarten. I am so incredibly thankful for that!!!! She likes school while she is there. However, getting ready in the morning can be a struggle and bed time and middle of the nights have been rough. We have had many nights that she was up crying until well past 11:00 pm. I love how everyone told me that Kindergarten would wear this toot out and she would start to sleep. 

Um, does she look tired?
 She loves when her daddy gets home from work. They have really bonded ever since Anderson was born. They do lots of activities together. Her absolute favorite thing is to "fight." (Basically they are wrestling on the bed.) I think it is a good outlet for Hollyn. She is very aggressive and then laughs hysterically. This particular evening she wanted to play doctor, so Scott laid there while she set him all up. I think he just closed his eyes and may have dozed off. I am sure this was way more enjoyable for him than the usual wrestling match!

Hollyn had an early release day at noon last week and Scott told us to go get pedicures! This was the first time I had ever gone with her to get a pedi. I will say it was pricey, but well worth it. It was one of those moments when she was absolutely precious. The people working just went on and on about her pretty hair and how adorable she was. She was outgoing and sweet and I TRULY enjoyed this little girly hour that we got to spend together!

I have no words for this one...

I went and ate lunch with Hollyn for the first time this year. It was so fun! I was feeling a bit nostalgic realizing I was truly in a full circle moment. I attended elementary school at SV and then taught there for 5 years. In fact, I taught up until the day before I had Hollyn and now here I was eating lunch with her 5 1/2 years later. I could cry! I am just so grateful that she is at this school!

I had my 34th Birthday this month! Scott brought me beautiful flowers. Hollyn sat and cried through my entire Birthday dinner. She just kept weeping and exclaiming, "I am not a taco or burrito girl. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!!???" Oh the joy.

The child seems to actually have MORE energy right when she gets home from school. This particular day she had on various winter shirts (I am not even sure where she found them.)  I was cooking and noticed she was eating stale hot dog buns on the counter. She then sat down (NEAR MY FOOD) and I saw that she had on NO PANTIES.
 I really don't think she is my child. 

 Oh and this day. She had gone woken up at 4:45 am. Yes, 4:45 am. She had a full day of school and then we went swimming at a friend's house for an hour and a half. She also proceeded to dump 1,001 packing peanuts ALL OVER the living room and stole the sprinkles and RAN WITH THE OPEN BOTTLE through various rooms. Sprinkles everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I ran her bath water and then left the room to get Anderson ready for bath and came back to this...
Safety first, friends. Safety first.

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