Friday, October 4, 2013

Nine Months

 Anderson is 9 months old! I love this age! This  time it was harder to take his picture. He was obsessed with the sticker and where I was putting it. I just think he is looking older and is adorable! I have had about 20 people refer to him as a "Her" when I am out and about with him. That's hilarious to me because he looks like a boy. I do think he is pretty though. :) He is working on his 6th tooth right now. He has 4 on bottom and the two busting through the top. 
 I take him to the doctor next week so I will update his stats then. I LOVE this age! In the past month he has really started developing his own little personality. He has become a bit feisty when you put him in the car seat or if you take something away from him. However, he is easy to distract and will stop crying within a minute or so. 

He can talk! He can now say Mama, Dada, Bye-Bye (he also waves by opening and closing his hand), Ball (Ba), Dog, (Da), Pops (Pa), and just this week has started trying to call Hollyn something but I can't figure out what. It's the same word every time-  It's Buh. I am wondering if its because she calls him Bubba? He does the milk sign and says Mama when he really wants me. He LOVES balls and watching cars and trucks drive by. He is thrilled when he gets to play in my lap while we park and wait for Hollyn. He grabs the steering wheel and pounds on the dash and is the happiest thing ever!

Anderson LOVES taking a bath and is very very hard to bathe. He laughs and squeals and flips. I had to go find a bath seat that sticks to the tub that he can sit all the way in the tub in and be secure with a ring around him. He is officially VERY busy and hard to contain. It takes me forever to get ready or get chores done because he is so active. Hollyn was this way at this age too! He pulls up on everything and has now started pushing chairs across the kitchen. He LOVES crawling to the tub and turning on the water and playing in the faucet. He loves to throw things and he throws hard! I call him a "nut." He is usually very happy but very active. He hits and throws and bangs his head around. He plays like a boy already. It's so funny to watch the difference in a boy and girl. Hollyn was never a calm baby, but his movements seem rougher somehow. 
He likes to pull up in his crib and say "Mama." He may be hard to sleep train when I am done nursing. He will fuss back to sleep in the middle of the night but doesn't fall asleep well for naps. He goes to bed between 8 and 9 and usually sleeps until 5:00. After I nurse him he will go back to sleep until 6:30 or 7. Since he is getting so many teeth, there are many nights that he will have a wake-up time in the night (and I have to get up with him) and then still wake up again at 5.

He loves this walker and destroying everything in his path when he is in it. The blinds in this duplex are trashed! He's crazy about them. He puts EVERYTHING into his mouth. I have dug in his mouth way more than I ever did in Hollyn's entire life. 

He rarely falls asleep in the car anymore. :(  He loves Hollyn's room and we play in there while she'a at school often. 

He's a trooper and if we are out running errands he is very happy, other than when you are putting him into the car seat. I started leaving him for a little bit at church nursery on Sundays. He and his little friend Dean are pictured below. He doesn't do great there. I take him to BSF also. He doesn't do great there either. When I asked how he did this past week the teacher smiled sweetly and said, "He likes to be held." Haha! I know that he does and  I AM going to hold him often because he is growing up too fast and it literally hurts my heart. He's precious and we are so thankful for him!

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Jennifer said...

He is so precious! Sounds like he is all boy. Girl, you are going to run after those two for the next 18 years, they are busy busy! It's hard to believe he's nearly 1!