Monday, October 28, 2013


We've been busy as usual this month and having some fun. Hollyn LIVES for October because the Rodeo comes to town. She truly loves the fair and rodeo and talks about it all year long. She got to borrow a pink pair of cowgirl boots from a friend and she put them to good use. The above picture is her and our good little friend Dawson at small group. They both wore their boots to the group that night and were too cute. 

We are enjoying dressing up for school spirit days! 

Western Day

80's Day
  One Sunday afternoon Scott and Hollyn were headed over to the new house to get some work done. She insisted on wearing a dress, (I can't even get her to wear dresses on Sundays) hat and boots. She also filled a sparkly Hello Kitty purse full of medical supplies and a container of fresh strawberries. 
 We took Little Buddy to the fair and rodeo also. It was too hot and expensive to get him true western wear so we weren't dressed up. I am not loving the camera these days but I figured I needed proof that I actually am with my kids! Anderson was so good the whole night. He enjoyed watching the rodeo and truly learned to clap that night. Whenever the audience would clap he would clap and say "Aaaaaaayyyy." Both kids lasted until the very end of the rodeo and then slept all night long. Maybe I will be talking about the rodeo for the next year too! 

We went to the Baylor Homecoming Parade. It was VERY cold. We ran into our good friends, The Bakers. This is Amanda and she provides up with lots of hand me downs! It was funny because Hollyn's Baylor dress and coat used to belong to Amanda. The kids really enjoyed the parade. Anderson had a open-mouth look of shock for the first 30 minutes of the parade. He was just talking it all in.

I have been eating lunch with Hollyn about 2-3 times a month. I really enjoy being up at her school and she is thrilled to have people eat with her. One day Makenna, Mailey, and Tracen were in from Lubbock and they sat with her at lunch. She was glad to see her friends!

The house is coming along! I really hope we are in by December 1st. I REALLY hope so. One day I plopped Anderson down in our new sink and he was as happy as he could be to play in it. I love this picture!
It's hard to believe that we are headed into November!!!

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Jennifer said...

Great pictures! Happy for you that you got 1 night of all night sleep. :) Hollyn is adorable in all of her outfits! And I'm hoping Leah's hair stays in curly ringlets like Hollyn's! I just love curly hair on little girls.

I hope your house is done by December, I can't wait to see pictures! And I laughed out loud at your "it was so cold" sentence. HA! I used to think it was cold in Texas... :)