Tuesday, November 5, 2013


 Anderson, you are 10 months old!!! And you are BUSY!!! I will spare everyone the pictures that I have snapped on my phone of some of the messes you have made. Just this weekend you pulled a very tall stand up mirror down and it hit the bed and shattered. You also pulled a full plate of chicken nuggets and ketchup off onto the floor, and it shattered. One of your favorite things to do right now is to stand at the printer and push the demo button. As soon as the paper prints out you throw it on the floor. You are so fast at it! In one minute, you are already in a pile of papers on the floor. Bath time is still one of your favorite things also. You crawl and laugh and scream with delight. You also have started playing a game after bath. I put you on the floor to get your pajamas and lotion on and before I can do anything you crawl away down the hall laughing hysterically. Hollyn chases you around on her knees right before bed also. It's one of my favorite times of the day to see you and your sister playing and laughing together. 
I think you've changed some since your 9 month picture. You have a few curls peeking over your ears this month. I love it! You have slowed up on the teething a bit and are currently working on your 8th tooth. You do not eat baby food anymore. You all of a sudden got the hang of table food and you LIKE TO EAT!!! When I am in the kitchen fixing anything, you crawl around the corner and pull up on my legs saying, "Bi Bi Bi Bi." (bite, bite) You also love when I open the refrigerator because you know your food is coming!

 Some of your new words this month are, uh-oh (it's not that clear yet), bite, bath (Baaa Baaa).
You can do the signs for "more," "milk" (you always say Mama as you sign this one) and a few times you have signed "all done." You pick up a play telephone and put it to your ear. When we say, "How big is Anderson," you put your arms above your head and we say, "so big!" You cry and arch your back and try to stand up when I put you in the car seat. You usually calm down fairly quickly though. You love to be down and crawling and pulling up on everything. You can walk behind a push-toy and the kitchen chairs. 
You LOVE looking out the window in your bedroom and watching the cars, birds, and dogs go by. Overall you are an easy going little guy! I had to take you to the doctor for your first sick visit this month. You had a viral cold for a few days. Your stats at 9 months were: 27.25 inches tall and you weighed 21 lbs and 7 oz. You were in the 60th% for weight and only the 12th% for height. When you put the ratio together, it makes you 96% for your size. You are kind of like a little cube! Maybe we can work on stretching those legs! You really are so sweet and chubbalicious!

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