Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A New Year

January flew on by! We are getting settled in our new house and this month we purchased a new (it's actually used) car, and today Scott is starting a new job! Even though we have new things going on, lots of things are the same around here.
We had a fun month and Anderson is learning and doing new things daily. I took him to his 12 month apt today. (I postponed it one month because I was terrified he was going to catch RSV or the Flu by bringing him in a month ago. It was rampant.) And let me just say I am so so grateful that my babies have been healthy and we have not had to go through medical procedures or many doctors visits. It breaks my heart for friends and others that have. Having said that, I will say that the 12 month well visit must be sent straight from the devil. When you add in their second flu shot the poor child has to get 5 shots. Our nurse was good but slower than Christmas and it was so hard to hold him down while she SLOWLY gave him all 5 shots. :( He cried extremely hard and I had just gotten him calmed down and dressed when another nurse came in. They had to prick his finger and drain TWO small vials of blood for routine testing. AWFUL. After all the nurses left I finally just had to cry a little with him. I have never heard such broken hearted cries from him and he cried until I took him out of the car seat when we got home. I even held him while I sat on the potty because he did NOT want me to put him down. :)
On to the fun statistics! Anderson weighed 23 lbs and 6 oz. I thought this number was going to be several pounds higher! He was 29.06 inches long and his head circumference was 18.1 inches around. For such a chubby little guy, he is actually on the small side in several areas. He is only in the 50th percentile in weight, 25th in head and 13th in height. Dr. Kemper did some magical formula and thought that he would be about 5'9." Maybe. If we stretch his legs out nightly.  
Dr. Kemper was very impressed with his language skills. He has added some words to his vocabulary this month. He can say, "Thank you (and do the sign), light, cookie, chicken, woof woof, Sssshhhh, poppa, shoes, choo choo, car, nana and tee tee (that would be a word his sister taught him). If you ask him a question he will either nod his head yes or shake it no. It is very cute and he always seems to get the correct answer or tell me what he wants this way. He LOVES to copy any sound Hollyn makes. It is very funny. She can be in the other room and scream or make a noise and he will immediately copy it. He LOVES to climb! He climbs on the fireplace and on my moms couches. He loves climbing in the play room chairs and I have even caught him on the dining room chairs! I I am having to turn them all upside down to keep him off of it. We had a snow day this morning and he literally trashed every single room and Hollyn was barking out orders all morning. I think I may hire a nanny for the summer!! He likes to climb on the step ladder at the bathroom sink and "spit" in the sink. I guess he has watched us all do that after brushing our teeth that he thinks he needs to also. He loves playing chase and wrestling around with us on the bed or floor. He loves to eat except he is not keep on any vegetables right now. I am sure some of it is my fault so I need to really work on this. Blueberries, bananas and cheese are some of his favorite things to eat.  Overall he is just so fun. And BUSY!!!!
Here is the past month and a half in pictures...

 We have had 52 days of the past 90 that have been at freexing or below. Fun times for sure.

When we have had a pretty day without freezing temperatures, we have tried to get outside and enjoy it!

This day Hollyn had been bawling and crying, "I don't feel FREE! I just need to be free!" 
You and me both, sister.

While indoors, this little guy has kept me on my toes! He is a biter too! One day I literally had 12 bruises from him biting!

And this little lady is always on ad adventure of her own...

Little Buddy really like to do what daddy and sister are doing. He was determined to work on the fireplace this night with them. Hopefully I can get to posting about February very soon!

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