Tuesday, November 18, 2014

End of Kindergarten

In May, Hollyn and I went to a Mother/Daughter Tea. We dressed up her American Girl Doll and she went with us. We went with several of our good friends and had a wonderful time together. Hollyn finished her Kindergarten year! It flew by so quickly!

I love this comparison picture of her on the first day of school and her on the last day of school. I hope to remember to do this every school year. It breaks my heart because in the first picture she still has a bit of a baby face, but she looks like a little girl in the second one.

 Hollyn had a speaking role in her Kinder Graduation Program. She was EXTREMELY nervous in the days leading up to the program and she did not sleep well the night before. Once she got on stage, she truly became comfortable and she was a true joy to watch. She spoke her line perfectly!

Hollyn became best friends with a little girl named Kaitlyn. They had a very sweet friendship all through the year. I was so thankful she found sweet friends this year. We hit the jack pot with her teacher, Mrs. Chapman. She was a perfect fit for Hollyn.  I could not be happier with the Hollyn's first year of school. I am so thankful that the Lord blessed her with the perfect conditions for her to make her first year of school so wonderful. One down and 12 more to go!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Easter and Bluebonnets

Before we went to church on Easter Sunday we attempted to get some cute family pictures, that didn't go so well. We even had a child (who shall remain nameless) run off into a field and sit in the dirt and cry. I left Anderson in the nursery the entire time for church, and that didn't go so well either. He was a screaming mess afterwards. He ran to me bawling and speaking mad baby language of some sort. So, we did not get any pictures after church either. We had both sets of parents over to our house for Easter lunch and the kids did a small egg hunt. We planned to take pictures in the Bluebonnets that evening. The kids were dressed and ready and then Anderson climbed up on the kitchen chair and fell off and smacked his head. I almost just gave up on the pictures, but we went anyway. Thank goodness for Photoshop! His purple goose egg is not noticeable and I love the pictures of the kids in the bluebonnets! 

Hollyn is 6!!!!!

A few days before Hollyn's birthday party she and Anderson both got really sick. We tried to get over it with Tylenol and press on for her cupcakes at school and her party that Saturday, but they got worse and not better. I took them to the Dr. and they had Adenovirus, which is basically a bad cold and PINK EYE in both eyes. Hollyn was so heart broken that she had to miss school on Thursday and Friday and post pone having cupcakes with her class. Her Big Party was planned for Saturday, but the doctor recommend postponing it for at least another 24 hours. There were lots of tears! Thankfully, we invited a small group of girls and every single one of them was able to come to the party on Sunday. The day of the party, Hollyn was still not feeling 100%. I can tell in her eyes when I look back at these pictures, but all of the details came together and she ended up having a really great party.

 Hollyn wanted an American Girl Doll Party. We had each friend bring a doll with them. The girls had a tea party and then a fashion show with their dolls.

 So even though there were some snags in the prepping, everything turned out great and there were lots of loud, giggly girls that had a really great time. I can't believe this girl is SIX YEARS OLD!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


In March, my parents rented a cabin for the family in Wimberly for a weekend. It was only a 2.5 hour drive, but it took my crew over 4 hours to get there. I won't go into all the details but there was lots of crying. And some pooping. Once we got there, we had a great relaxing weekend. My kids LOVED being outside. We had a little river behind our cabin and they just walked around and waded and explored all day. 

It pays to be a slacker, because my sister-in-law had already blogged about Wimberly so I took all of the next pictures off of her blog. Thanks Jana! 
Greg took some really great pictures while we were there. It was a beautiful weekend to be outside!

We celebrated Hollyn and Michelle's birthday while we were there because they share the same birth date. 

 At night we built a fire and relaxed in the hot tub. Take note of the weird uncle in the above picture. They tell me he is my blood relative. I am not so sure. 

On the last morning, we attempted to get a cousin picture. Well, that was a bust. Oh well, it was a great trip and we are very thankful to my parents for taking us! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

15 Months

15 Things about Anderson at 15 Months!

1. He is very happy and very very funny.
2. Sleeps from about 8:30-7:00 every night. He does wake up when he is teething and is hard to get back to sleep. Has 8 teeth still but two more are coming in. 
3. Still nurses 2-3 times a day.
4. Wears 12 month clothing, 4 diaper and size 3 shoe and is a short little guy.
5. Understands most basic commands. (Throw this in the trash, sit down, take a bath etc.)
6. LOVES being outside.
7. LOVES to eat.
8. LOVES to take a bath.
9. Can say about 50 words and sounds.
10. Likes me to hold him or sit him up on the counter while I am getting ready or cooking.
11. Likes music, singing and dancing. 
12. REALLY loves dogs.
13. Does not like to eat vegetables.
14. Has a few adorable curls in the back of his hair.
15. Makes us smile and laugh every single day.

Sibling Love

We have had some pretty sweet moments lately. I have seen my kids really start to enjoy playing and spending time together. It seems like when Anderson turned one that Hollyn really took an interest in him. He adores her and he loves to be around her. He also imitates everything that she does! She can make any sound and right away he will copy it. They are hilarious together and I love when they get to chasing each other and laughing like crazy. 

One of their favorite things to do is play in the dirt outside of our house. We still have not put in landscaping because of the extremely long and cold winter. We also started a small garden in the backyard. These two would spend hours in the dirt if they could. 

Of course all of their moments together are not rosy. The Buddy is really into pinching and biting. I think he is playing but it can hurt so bad. I got a picture of him grabbing Hollyn's arm and pinching it below. He loves to just run up and "get her." They love to tackle each other and wrestle on the ground too. 

The last two pictures kind of sum up most of our days. Chubbalicious is usually pretty happy and Miss Priss can be a bit moody. Haha. I am just glad I am documenting all of these everyday moments, the good and the not so good.